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  • What is the cancellation policy?
    Cancellations made 14 days or more in advance of event date, will recieve a 100% deposit refund. Cancellations made within 8-13 days will incur a 50% fee of deposit. Cancellation made within 7 days will not be refunded.
  • How do I book my party?
    Contact us! via email: or by phone: 702.333.0196 You can also fill out our booking form on our Contact page.
  • Can I get a custom event?
    Yes! We will be happy to customize an party for you. Just contact us!
  • How much space is needed?
    Each tent requires approx 86" in depth and 46" in width for comfort. For our Bestfriends Package (2 tents) the space needed is approx. 86" in depth and 98" width. For our More the Marrier Package (4 tents) you will need approx. 86" in depth and 196" in width if tents are placed in a row or 196" in depth and 98" in width if place in doubles facing each other.
  • Can I rent the party for additional days?
    Yes! Contact us for more information.
  • What is your COVID-19 policy?
    We care about the health of our customers and staff and we're very cautious due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). For that reason, we have taken extra steps to insure that we follow the CDC guidelines. Before our staff enters your home you must verify that: 1. No one in your home has been sick or quarantined in the last 14 days 2. No one has been in close contact or exposed to someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days. Our staff will wear a mask at all times while either styling and setting up the event or picking the rentals back up after the conclusion of your event. We ask that you keep a physical distance from our staff at all times and if possible wear a mask as well. We santize and clean each rental item prior to delivery.
  • Can adults book to?
    Yes! Although must of our themes are geared towards children, we are happy to entend our services for adults as well. Contact us for more information.
  • Do you require a deposit to book?
    Yes! A $125 deposit is required to book all parties. Full payment of the remaining balance is due 7 days before the event date.
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